Would you let a sub-conscious person indoctrinate your child?

The amount of information coming our way these days about the true nature of the human experience is truly blasting the doors and windows off everything we were taught. It’s enough to shift your paradigm. Dr. Bruce Lipton is one of the voices in the current conversation. The information he shares about discoveries in cellular biology make all we thought was true about what determines the course of our lives into compostable rubbish.

Dr. Lipton has shown in the laboratory that the environment in which cells grow creates not only their level of health, but can actually determine the kind of tissue that they become. In his experiments, identical cells placed

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in petri dishes of different solutions grew into bone, muscle and skin, depending only on chemical differences in the solutions that they were placed in. That is an amazing discovery but what does that have to do with our minds or with caring for children?

With his contagious expression of awe, Dr. Lipton leads us to some amazing revelations about the nature of life. Science has revealed that what we think, feel, and believe causes the body to release specific hormones that create the chemical soup in which our cells exist. According to Lipton, what chemicals we produce as a result of our reactions to life in turn determine our state of health or disease. What we think can make us well or make us sick. That is pretty powerful coming from a cellular biologist.

This means that we have the power to directly influence our health by monitoring the quality of our thoughts. But what happens when the majority of the thoughts we have are the mind chatter of our sub-conscious mind?

Soapy baby in the bathtubThe sub-conscious functions to keep us safe from harm or embarrassment or any other threat that we perceived at some point in our lives. It holds all the garbage and conclusions that we absorbed at a tender age from our parents, teachers, relatives, and society at large. In there lives the mean voice that cuts us down, discourages us from trying, convinces us that we won’t succeed or that we better not shine. This is the force that holds us back and keep us from expressing the unlimited potential that is our true nature. These thoughts and conclusions are not what we really want running the show if we are to have joyful lives.

Fortunately all is not lost since there are new tools that can accelerate the process of liberating ourselves from the negative programming we absorbed from unhappy and unhealthy people who had influence

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on us as children. But until we manage to convert the negative protection inside the recesses of our minds into a more helpful and proactive creative force, what are we spewing off unconsciously in the presence of our own tender children?

And if that thought isn’t enough to put the fear of God into you, contemplate this observation by Peggy O’Mara, the founder and editor of the beloved and sorely missed Mothering magazine. Peggy said, “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” If ever there was a compelling reason to take your personal growth practice seriously, this is it.

For the love of our children, for the love of oneself, it’s time to make peace with the voices in our heads so that the wiser council of the heart can be heard.

Wishing you success on your journey.

Dr. Tamara



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