For the sake of our children, for the future of our world…

Coming soon…

Essays and articles about the sacred task of raising children consciously and the life enhancing lessons we learn from the attempt. I’m looking forward to sharing and hearing your comments. Let’s
create a lively place to explore ideas and provide support to families and educators who go a deeper than the conventional wisdom would take us.

The children are here to people the new world to come.

It is our privilege to help them realize their potential and then watch as they become a blessing for the emerging future.

Tamara Brennan, Ph.D.

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About ourcozytime

I am a poet, writer, mother, and psychologist living in the tropical high country of the Sierra Madre mountains of Chiapas, Mexico. I write at the Escuela de AgroecologĂ­a y Permacultura Tierra Linda, a demonstration farm where I have taught over a thousand local people to grow their own organic food. With the view out my window of cornfields on steep volcanic slopes, it is not hard to imagine that caterpillars, birds, butterflies, and rainbows can speak. My deepest wish is to participate in the transformation of human culture toward the creation of a sustainable global society that honors all Life.


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