Wouldn’t you love to cuddle up with your dearlings to read them a story?

This is your invitation to enter the magical world of Our Cozy Time

Reading a bedtime story by Tamara BrennanTake your children through the shimmering rainforest on the wings of a butterfly. Follow a puppy as he opens the music that was locked in his human friend’s heart. Would you like to see who comes to the rescue of tiny Bush Baby when he falls out of his tree in Botswana?

Our Cozy Time Story Club is an offering of love created to make it easy for you to delight the children in your life with beautiful stories they will cherish. Each month you’ll receive an original story by email.

I am a poet, mommy, psychologist and visionary living in the high country in Central America. My stories have been extensively field tested with the Fairy Princess and our friends, both small and large. My inspirations comes when my own beloved child says “Mom, tell me a story.”

Our lives have become so fast paced and electronically wired that it can be a challenge to organize the special time that children need to thrive. 

Whether you are a busy parent, homeschooling family, grandparent, day care provider, teacher or special friend, let me make it easy for you to create wonderful memories together.  I will send you the stories, all you will need to do is call your dearests to your side to share warmth, giggles and closeness with you.

What could be better than that? Oh… Niki says having cookies and hot cocoa along with the story might do it.


Make special memories reading together – Our Cozy Time Story Club

Would you like a free story? Find the butterflies at top of this page.

Much love,


Tamara Brennan, Ph.D.
Keeper of Mommy’s Story Box

What people are saying about Our Cozy Time Stories

“What a lovely story! You write beautifully and your use of language is delightful…balm to an English teacher’s heart. I know that your stories will be in the homes of many children. You are a rare talent.” Mary Wilkinson, former director, Student Support Services, Chaminade University


(Janette) “The story was GREAT!! So much FUN!! I think it was very, very inspirational for parents to make up their own but also to get parenting tips from you modeling within the story!! I will be recommending this subscription to families as I meet with them.” (Chispa) “This is beautiful! I am going to read it to my class today! It is very related to what we are doing – but then when would it not be? I LOVE this story!! Thank you!” Lisa Michel, Homeschool Coach

LisaLord“I want to tell you how much we enjoy your stories. I love how magical, innocent and nature-based they are. And how free of recognizable characters! You are a gifted storyteller.” Lisa Lord, Editor of The Attached Family magazine for Attachment Parenting International


(The Music Bird) “I took a break (from challenging work) to read your story and listened to the music. It brought tears to my eyes. You write to beautifully, and the serenity of your words brought peace to my heart.” Debbie Consentino, Artist & Illustrator


Mary Gilbert Reading with Grandson Nathan

“Dear Tamara, It would have done your heart good to see what just happened downstairs. Nathan had his father read the Janette story aloud at the computer, and they printed it out. Next they punched holes in the paper and started a binder for the stories. The first page is the certificate. Just now, Nathan was on his knees on the floor with the notebook open in front of him, reading the story aloud with full expression! It’s a big hit.” Mary Gilbert, Quaker Earthcare Witness


“WOW!!! It’s been a while since I lived in Mexico and your depiction of the culture and the folklore have made me very nostalgic. You surely have a way to storify the beauty and passion that you are absorbing in Mexico. Thanks for being a change agent of our country.” Jose, MindValley

Tom Moore

(Ivan’s Christmas Gig) “What a sweet story! Really liked it. That could be a 30 min or 1 hour Christmas special.” Tom T. Moore, author of The Gentle Way Books and CEO of Reel Media International, an international film and TV program distribution company.


Sharon Silver, parenting coach


“Your work is beautiful. I’m sure you’ll be successful, your work is that good.” Sharon Silver, parenting coach, proactiveparenting.net


(Ivan’s Christmas Gig) “Wow, wow, wow! So sweet, so detailed. You really have a talent! So many parts I loved. You imbued the story with such hope and perseverance. I can picture the whole thing.” Susan Ramsey, Marketing Manager at Unified Natural Foods, Inc., former Waldorf teacher


MomGraduationDay“I just read your latest story, “Sniffy Boy”. That’s a lovely story. It pulls you in and makes you feel that all’s right with the world. Bravo.” Ellen Brennan, A woman of impeccable taste and my mother, (Graduation day 1996)

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